Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Merry Christmas

Here are my two new pieces - 'King Parrot Christmas' & 'By the Light of a Seal Moon' hanging on the wall of my studio at Ethos Gallery in Woodside, South Australia. Plus more photos of my studio and my version of a 'tree' which is made up of Honesty, Pussy Willow and bells.

So Merry Christmas to you all from Tara Seekamp of Magenta Thread Studio at Ethos Gallery, and a Happy New Year. New Year's resolution for me - update my art blog more often!

King Parrot

'King Parrot'
Pen, Ink & Watercolour
I have also printed square cards of the King Parrot by himself and not surrounded by the pen and ink drawings, they are also selling at Ethos Gallery.

King Parrot Christmas

'King Parrot Christmas'
Pen, Ink & Watercolour

This is my first Christmas image that I have made into cards. They are now selling at Ethos Gallery in Woodside. I chose the red and green Aussie parrot to represent Christmas along with pen & ink drawings of angels, fir trees, stars and snowmen.

By the Light of a Seal Moon

'By The Light of a Seal Moon'
Pen & Ink 2012

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Fire & Water

So now I'm working on new pieces for my exhibitions including a Fire Dress for the Fire Goddess Pele. This will be one of my elemental dresses for 'The Dress' exhibition my Textile group and I are doing at Gallery M in Marion, Adelaide in June. I'm doing a lot of experimentation with Romeo (which is a water soluble stabilizer that is thicker that Solvy). One of the pictures above show some of my embroidery pieces going for a 'swim' in water to wash out the Romeo.

New Free Motion Machine Embroidery work

Because I'm still recovering from my fall that occured in October 2010, (that shattered my right elbow), I wasn't able to work on my machine embroidery until around July 2011. That is why there were no new machine embroidery pieces in my SALA exhibition. I started some new pieces while I was exhibiting for SALA including this one in its unfinished state above. It's called 'Sugar Glider Headdress'. The pieces I had for SALA were my left handed hand embroideries and watercolour paintings that were done very slowly with my right hand. It's been so good getting back into machine embroidery, I have so many ideas which is lucky because I have 3 exhibitions coming up in June, August and November of 2012 and most of my work for that will be in free motion machine embroidery.
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Christmas 2011

For Christmas I made this 'tree' for my studio which was made out of Christmas fabric wrapped around wooden sticks. The dove on top I made out of felt, reverse applique and machine embroidery. There was white fabic and fairy lights around the base. A rather fun and textiley way to brighten up my studio for Christmas time.
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